Final Kukai

Global Haiku • Millikin University • June 2015

toes at the edge
I grab my sister's hand
we jump in


amber liquid
two ice cubes
he forgot his name

she fiddles with her dress
cast list is up

running to tell him
I love you
he turns the other cheek


painted sidewalk
red slippers
she takes her dog for a walk

prickly and green
I lay on a blanket
in the grass

empty park bench
she sits alone
leaves falling


bright blue water
I look through my goggles
a fish stares at me

the smell of pineapple
friendly smiles
fresh ice cream

driver's license test
my eyes are fine
pencil lead breaks


sunglasses on
driving by palm trees
top down

hit on the head
I look up
a squirrel dropping things

pushed in noses
curly tails
the puppies lick my face


spring breeze
the little girl pedals faster
down the sidewalk

clear water
white sands
the bartender opens the tiki hut

home for sale
maybe the dogwood will
bloom next year


ball gowns swish
the elegant princess kisses
the young boy's cheek

all of these beautiful colors
of flowers in the garden
the buzz of a bee

night sky
the pounding of fireworks
beer spilling over the cup


red hair flows
she draws back her arrow
hits the target

next to the white fence
stand bright red roses

summer storm
the wheat harvest crew
a coffee clutch


smoke billows
I put the pizza in
upside down

moon light—
sitting by the fire
he falls out of his chair

I lay awake
staring at the stars
the tent's open top


white wine
fire crackling
classical music in the background

tent unfolded
our daily afternoon rain
blesses the camp site

popped ears
sniffling noses
we reach the top floor
at last



© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.