Global Haiku • June 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Emily Holthaus

More Room for Air

Emily Holthaus

As a new writer to haiku poems, my background is not dense at all. I have learned as we go however, and do think that the writer has to be a part of the poem. I titled this work, “More Room for Air,” because it has various meanings in itself. I like to think that my readers will think of it as me having more room to improve in my writing the poems. The title is in one of my haiku in this collection about yoga and meditation. Most of my inspiration of writing these haiku came from a relaxed and almost meditated point of view. I hope that as the reader goes through my collection, they can be inspired to feel relaxed, as well as interpret the haiku in their own way. I want to thank Dr. Randy M. Brooks for being such an inspiration to learning about such a fun thing to write and read as well. I hope “More Room for Air,” is enjoyed by many

one end and the other
together they tighten
the rope

Christmas morning
opening gifts
homemade cinnamon rolls

hold your breath
under water
count how long

looking in the mirror
changing clothes
sharing laughs and smiles

summer arrival
beach chair
sinks deeper and deeper
in the sand

legs in the form of a pretzel
soul lifted high
with more room for air

the strong hard hit
always ends up
safe at home


down on one knee
shining brightly
in her eyes

rocking alone outside
back and forth


© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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