EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Millikin University PACE Summer2003
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Kim Tish

Essay on David Lloyd



Selected Haiku

Kim Tish

These early haiku represent my first attempts at understanding and exploring the art of writing haiku. Most of my material for these writings came from my memories of family, friends, or God's wonderous nature. I tend to seek beauty in the most simplistic everyday life events.

I would like to thank Dr. Randy Brooks for introducing me to the beauty of haiku. It is an art I will continue to enjoy long after this class.

I would also like to thank my classmates for their insightful comments on my writings, especially Becky Buchanan, who helped me write my first renga. In addition, my daughter, Tricia, helped me write the "Family Time" renga in this collection. As always, I am forever thankful to my family and friends for the memories and continued support.


Fair's champion pig
wallowing in the mud
salt water taffy

tiny peach fuzz shoulders
inquisitive green eyes
smile warms my heart

hot summer picnic
soaring through the park
a frisbee

Summer slipping away
watching you slowly die
rubbing your back to ease the pain.



Autumn leaves, unlikely meeting
second chance at love
colors become so brilliant.

Procession to the cemetery . . .
cars filing in
dead end.



First snow of winter
trotting across the field
crusty ground beneath us

Bitterly cold morning
nest of fur in the barn corner
new baby kittens.



     Family Time

bright sunny day
walking in a field of wild flowers
trail crosses the creek

cool drink for deer and fawn
flowers glide in the breeze

skipping rocks
startled fish jumps into the air

butterflies darting around trees
chasing a rabbit
hopping away from me

picnic in the clearing
eating, relaxing, and playing
no worries

Sun sets as the little ones tire
riding on Daddy's shoulders
back to the car

©2003 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors