EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Millikin University PACE Summer2003
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Selected Haiku

Kris Wolbers

This is a small collection of my beginning haiku. I’m inspired by relationships, especially with children. Having five of my own has allowed me to have numerous experiences with them, resulting in many wonderful memories.

Beauty in creation is also something I respond deeply to. I’m drawn to the quietness of nature. Simple things are what catch my attention.

Read and enjoy as these haiku are written from my heart.

summer morning—
sunlight filters
through branches of the old oak

secret smile,
initial flutters
in her slightly swollen tummy

  p  u  s  h . . .




Bed Time

sound of a small voice
humming in the shower;
scent of soap and watermelon

drips dropping . . .
little big boy

exaggerated spit
of blue gel toothpaste,
some even hits the sink

one last drink,
kisses all around
he dives into bed

wide-eyed wonder
as Daddy spins a tall tale

prayers said,
lights out . . .
one last question

Mike & Kris Wolbers

age bent hands
softly cradle
the newborn's head



sleeping child
sprinkles of fairy dust . . .
coins under the pillow

Precious Memories

dust particles floating
in a stream of sunlight—
she sits in the old wooden pew

shuffling of little feet
Sunday’s new black-patent shoes

the old book of songs
held in aged hands
open to her favorite hymn

melodious notes fill the air
as small voices strain—
a joyful noise

her eyes close softly
as her mind drifts back

memories of a prayer doll
she grasps her tear-soaked hanky
bells of yesterday chime

Angie Short & Kris Wolbers



tears of joy line my face—
I watch my heart
walk down the aisle

words just spoken
flashback . . .
I have become
my mother


©2003 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors