EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Millikin University PACE Summer2003
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Leslie Risby

Selected Haiku

Leslie Risby

Many of my haiku come from childhood memories or personal experience. I find it much easier to write about things that I've personally experienced. I enjoy thinking back to old times, and sharing these memories with my family. Some of the best times we've had are just sitting around reminiscing.

I've enjoyed writing haiku much more than I originally thought I would. The thought of putting your thoughts on paper in one or two fragments that doesn't make sense to anyone just seemed odd. But when others read my haiku, and they came up with the same thoughts I had, it is just an awesome feeling. Or even to hear a totally different interpretation of my thoughts makes me feel good also. I tend to use simplistic and uncomplicated words, because that's what I feel helps me relate to many of my experiences.

My favorite haiku is "soft quiet rain." I like this one because, again, it's a thought from my past. It reminds me of the day we buried my grandmother, who was ever so dear to me. While this one is probably my favorite, they are all special because they hold such fond memories of my past.

footprints left behind
snowy mittens
by the fireplace

daydreaming voices in the distance
open book on the desk
bell rings

wedding day jitters
songs softly played on the organ
mother-daughter talk



soft, quiet rain
long procession of cars
prayer, song, memories

can't sleep
waiting & listening for Santa
mother's voice



secret lovers
eyes meet
wordless conversation

just me and the furnace
quiet times
the school bell rings


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