EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Millikin University PACE Summer2003
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Michelle Ground

Essay on Tom Clausen

Through My Eyes
Selected Haiku

Michelle Ground

I wrote most of my haiku that are in this book with two people in mind, my daughter, Morgan, and my significant other, Dan. These two people give me enough to write about with all the funny things they do, and all the love they bring to my life. I also have included some about sports. Golf, which is my favorite sport to play, and baseball, which is a great sport to watch in person.

I chose these particular haiku because they are important and mean something special to me. I also let my Mom and Dan have input into the haiku that were selected for this collection.

The title of this collection, “Through My Eyes”, came about because each of my haiku mean something to me. They are my experiences and it is how I see life, as strange as life can be sometimes. There are few imagined haiku in the collection, but those imagined ones are not that far off from how I really want my life to be. That is what makes haiku so personal because it is so hard to write about subjects/experiences you don’t want to happen or you don’t believe in.

My personal favorites are the two rengay Dan and I did together. The “Finding Love” haiku really captures how we feel about our relationship and where we want it to go. That was a lot of fun and I think we even learned a little more about each other. It was fun adding the pictures to those two also.

A special thanks to Morgan and Dan for being you and giving me plenty of material to write about. I love you guys more than you will ever know.

• • •

Michelle's haiku offer a selection of many of the things she holds dear to her heart. Her love and affection for her daughter are the theme for her most interesting haiku. Also her hobbies of golf and traveling are displayed. Michelle really expresses herself well and makes her haiku very enjoyable to read.

—Dan Patterson

dew on my spikes
fresh cut grass
all for par

sun kissed skin
seashell souvenirs
a week away from home

     Game Day

game day at the park
hotdogs and nachos
perfect summer afternoon

exciting pennant race
crowd going wild
child's first game

glove in my hand
excitement in the air
waiting for a homerun

fathers and sons
a special day
memories for a lifetime

Harry Carry
7th inning stretch
take me out to the ball park

on the edge of my seat
down by one run
Cubs lose again.



waves crashing in the dark
the cool sand in my toes
discovering the big dipper

lots of little hugs
a refrigerator full of drawings
a child's love



catching a minnow
telling stories
of how dinner got away

in bed with Nana
first cup
of tea


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