Global Haiku PACE June 2005
Millikin University
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Bryan Williams

Selected Haiku

by Bryan Williams

My inspiration for writing haiku comes from general, everyday things around me. Usually I write about events around my home life. I like to write about animals more than anything else, because they are funny to watch. I try to stay away from serious subjects because the majority of haiku seem to be about serious events. The lighter, or more humorous haiku, are what I like. Not everyone has experienced some of the heavier-hearted things in life.

  I would like to acknowledge Dr. Randy Brooks in my haiku writings. If it wasn't for his excitement and devotion to haiku, it would be hard for me to sink my excitement into this project. I realize that I don't know everything about the haiku genre, but I have learned much. I am happy to present my personal collection to you.

nuts and bolts
i stand all day
they keep coming


morning surf
a dog fills the sky
with seagulls

          perfect sunrise
          sand between my toes

spotted a whale
did you bring a frisbee

          forgot sunscreen
          it's going to be a scorcher
          where’s the dog… now

sailboats in the distance
a rainbow of colors

          sand is burning now
          the water soothes
          my feet

by Bryan and Denise Williams
(hokku by Jim Boyd, The Haiku Anthology, p. 17)

long assembly line
it never ends
waiting for the weekend


a lazy hammock
shade is my friend

grandma's raking party
the smell
of burning leaves


snow sparkling
under streetlights
my first snow angel

sun above me
     floating on water
like a compass needle


eyes masked in black
tongue panting
man's best friend

acorns falling
september humidity
wedding clothes stick to us


©2005 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors