Global Haiku PACE June 2005
Millikin University
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Jaylyn Nicole

My Bread and Butter
Selected Haiku

by Jaylyn Nicole


my sweet little boy
peeling off
the butt of a firefly


too tired to push
I decided to quit
she came out anyway

fish aren’t biting
the geese
manage to


           Moral Fiber

newborn child
in the hands of his mother
both with a lot to learn

           one day beg for first words
           now says too much

first day of school
mother and child
both afraid

           so happy, it’s the first date
           so sad, I’m starting to let go

friendly sunny day
some cry, some smile
high school diploma

           doves flying over wedding bells
           now we are back where we began

Keith Campbell & Jaylyn Nicole

the lake looks so lovely
wait a minute
a dead fish


©2005 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors