Global Haiku PACE June 2005
Millikin University
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Kathi Overheul

Memories of Mother
Selected Haiku

Kathi Overheul

My haiku all come from my personal experiences. I enjoy the way I can write down a glimpse of my history and then someone else can take what I have written and remember their piece of history. I like to use the joy of my children, Taylor and Samantha, to write about as well as the love I have for my husband, Jon.


Many of my best haiku have come from memories of my childhood and my mother. My mother and I are not very close so this really surprised me that I would write so much about our experiences together. The sad haiku or more dark haiku come from my first marriage. I was married for four long years to the wrong man and most of that time was very painful for me.

Haiku has taught me that you can express yourself with very few words. I have always been one to ramble on about a subject trying to say as much as possible, haiku has taught me less is better. Let people explore their own meaning of your haiku, let it be born for them!

sewing with mother
heritage passed down
year after year



cold early morning air
no words spoken
between them

twigs snap underfoot

into his stand
dawn arrives

doe scent in the air
peacefulness overcomes

bleating call
bow raised and

arrow shot
whitetail lifts
his massive rack falls

        by Jon & Kathi Overheul

ice covered trees
fire warms my body
not my heart


fish smell
my worms and I
will get them

cold snowy night
five years old
     daddy’s coming


Tinkerbelle begins her hunt


dinner theater
my hand wanders over
to meet his


cold morning air
no words spoken
between them

crisp winter air
funeral procession goes by
dark eyes


brisk fall morning
deer hunter contemplates
beauty of nature

©2005 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors