Global Haiku PACE June 2005
Millikin University
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Linda Haynes

Life's Footprints

Linda Haynes

This is my first experience reading and learning about haiku. I found it interesting that such few words can mean so much and be so powerful. One thing I did learn was that each of us can read the same haiku and see something totally different. Many of my haiku’s are of my personal thoughts, memories of my childhood, and about all three of my daughters and my wonderful husband.


sun peering through the window
and children playing
study my summer away


         A Mothers Duty

tide rolls in
their footprints disappear
in the sand

         little boy and grandma
         walking hand in hand

looking up to heaven
not wanting his teardrops
to fall

a long way from home
remembering the hugs and kisses
and missing her scent

         stationed in Iraq
         yellow ribbons tied to a tree

memories engraved in stone
my hero dies
for me

Tena Myers and Linda Haynes

soothing hum sound
of the ceiling fan
as I snooze on the cool tiles


sirens growing near
traffic blocks the way
someone dear to you

lights out!
as one by one close their eyes
pretending to be fast asleep


ball in flight
aiming for the greens
yelling fore!!

Christmas lights flashing
gifts under the tree
first Christmas memory


walking my dog in the park
as mosquitoes attack
summer is here

memories of her hair
cascading down her back
as she stares at her reflection


Ginko—Shopping in Chicago

          ocean of salt water
          soaking your feet
          at the spa

saving for a raining day
black leather purse
and shoes to match

          sidewalk sale
          purchasing a winter coat
          in the summer

summer day
not having to wear
so many clothes

          window shopping
          on Michigan avenue
          our credit cards scream

under the dryer
thumbing through books
looking for a new do

          diamonds and pearls
          a girl’s best friend
          never too many

a mannequin modeling
the perfect outfit
not my size!

          end of the day
          shopping spree is over
          hiding the new from him

Tena Myers and Linda Haynes

©2005 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors