Global Haiku PACE June 2005
Millikin University
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Michelle Dalluge

Haiku Collection

Michelle Dalluge

As I was writing my first haiku and the tears were rolling down my face, I quickly realized that writing haiku was going to be something that touched me deeply. With each haiku I wrote I found myself getting wrapped up in the emotions of the haiku as I remembered my childhood memories. My family is the most important thing to me, therefore a lot of my writing is based around family memories and the time we have shared.

Haiku has allowed me to express myself in a way I never had dreamed of. I would like to thank Dr. Brooks for believing in all of his students. I have enjoyed sharing my haiku with others and reading the haiku of others. I hope you enjoy reading what I feel is my personal best haiku as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Essay on
Cor Van den Heuvel's Haiku


sunset on beach
watching the sunrise
celebrating our years together



bases loaded
daughter on pitchers mound
heart beats rapidly

         standing proud
         ball in hand

pride overcomes me
sitting in the stands
game on line

         the last pitch
         head hanging low

tears fill my eyes
daughter heartbroken
waiting with open arms

         after the game
         love from mom

Michelle & Ashley Dalluge

fireworks at dusk
high in the sky
eyes sparkle


summer day
at the park
watching the years go by

hot steamy afternoon
sitting by the pool
watching the vacation go by


clouds rolling in
lighting lights the sky
let the shopping begin

early morning walk
father, daughter, granddaughter
sharing the memories


lazy summer afternoons
sipping lemonade
my daughter and I

scary thunderstorm
little girl smiling


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