PACE Global Haiku • April 2007
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Michael Price

Haiku Trail

M.E. Price

Haiku for me is a chance to enjoy the sight, smell, or sound of a moment or memory. Haiku provides a way to take time to allow our senses to appreciate and our minds to remember the things we savor and enjoy. For me this is one of the reasons haiku is such a popular art. Haiku allows each of us to enjoy in our own way with our own view. I hope you can enjoy haiku along your trail.

soft rain
        for a while
creeks running loud now

soft and supple
dark with wear
the holster fits

bright purple
climbing clematis
up the old wagon wheel


young winter wheat
white necktie
       the kingfisher waits

Grandpa never known
Grandpa’s orange poppies
up in spring again


quiet night
not so quiet

silent flight
     great horned owl
          skim’s the meadow’s edge


Mom’s garden
           come and go

The Chase of a Lifetime

lint balls
colors of a rainbow
scattered across the floor

toys everywhere
tossed aside

little girl
and grandpa
time to run and play

giggles in the air
chasing curiosity

a run
    the look
        and the chase is on

moments to catch
     memories to share

by Mike Price
and Jeanne Baietto



© 2007, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.