EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Millikin University PACE November 2004
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Jeanne Luckenbill

Pieces of Life

My name is Jeanne Luckenbill, and I am a PACE student in the Nursing cohort at Millikin University. Global Haiku Tradition is an elective for me, and I barely had an idea of waht haiku was. I must say that I have enjoyed studying haiku, and have found it to be a good creative outlet. Reading and writing haiku has been a memorable experience, and I have enjoyed attempting to write haiku from my memories and life experiences. I will honestly enjoy reading and writing haiku for a long time to come, and hope I improve on the simplicity as mine are often too wordy, long and give too much away, not allowing the reader to interpret and use the haiku for themselves.

My haiku come from memories or recalled events, at the moment of realization of my feelings. Though few, I have composed a chapbook of what I consider to be my best haiku, written over the past five weeks. I have enjoyed writing and sharing them. I hope you enjoy at least a few.


dryer hums
her fingers smooth
his school shirt

frozen pond
the short cut

velvet night—
her mind hears
the screaming



snow hissing
across the road
to your grave

my brother's fingers
grandpa's antique banjo



Summer of Childhood

drooping willow tree
red kool-aid moustaches
secret hiding place                          KT

summer heat
hot tar bubbling                               JL

barefeet, culottes
tired eyes
cool green grass                              KT

victrola playing
open windows
flowing curtains                             JL

crickets chirp
moon beams                                   KT

pastel snapdragons
dreams of tomorrow
scent of the past                              JL

By: Jeanne Luckenbill and friend Kathy Trimby

Winter Night

red brick chimney
swirling white
wisps of smoke              JL

another log
the fire roars                   KC

midnight sky
scent of embers
welcoming me                JL

warming my hands
yellow flames
day ending                      KC

dancing flames
sleeping faces                  JL

winter's chill
tomorrow's sunrise           KC

Karen Currie and Jeanne Luckenbill


©2004 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors