PACE Global Haiku • PACE February 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Darlene Coffin

Rabbit Cookies

Darlene Coffin

When I began this class I wasn’t sure what to expect. The wonderful thing about not expecting anything is the great things that can fall into your lap “unexpectedly”. Haiku is like the voice I have always searched for but couldn’t find. I have found it now, and truly enjoy hearing myself and so many others who write with this simple beautiful poetry.

Rabbit Cookies, for me is very simply about all aspects of my large family. I came from a divorced, blended family with so many traditions, some traditions even because of being a divorced child. Now I have my own family and my own way of doing things. I enjoy reminiscing about the way things were and looking forward to the way they will be. Haiku is my way of expressing something so deep very simply.

The reason for the title Rabbit Cookies, is from my great aunt on my dad’s side of the family. No matter the time of year or season she would bake sugar cookies in the shape of rabbits with red sprinkles. She would individually bag 4 or 5 and put in the freezer, all of us nieces and nephews always knew before we left we could take some home. One of my many favorite memories!

red bird returns
to a fence…
spring without her

warm hearts
frozen rabbit cookies

clumsy fingers
undo the back of a dress
dolls on grandma’s porch


out for a drive
the ice cream shop

The Conversation

sunshine through
the window—
heated words

her reflection in the window
sunbeams brush her hair

an old conversation
new again…
if only for the moment

tension turns to
a gentle caress

a deep, hard sigh
his thoughts…
already straying

a moment of frustration
forgotten by swaying hips


© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.