PACE Global Haiku • PACE February 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Shellie Hubner

My Revelation

Shellie Hubner

I have learned so much about haiku in the last four weeks. This was a class I just had to get through. To my surprise I found I really enjoyed this class and I really enjoy haiku. I learned that they can be funny, sad, meaningful, emotional, and every other emotion in between. I have learned that they are an expression of someone’s thoughts and feelings, and be interpreted in a variety of different ways. However, I have learned that they are meant to be shared and enjoyed.

My approach to writing haiku is to that I use whatever thoughts, experiences, and feelings I have. Something may trigger a memory or something may happen at that moment in time and I use for a haiku. That is my approach, just to use whatever comes my way that inspires me.
I chose to name this collection "My Revelation." I chose this title because I feel that I have had a revelation these past few weeks. At home or work something will happen, or be said, and I find myself thinking about how to turn it into a haiku. I have never liked, nor understood, any type of poetry. However, I have found poetry I not only like, but really enjoy. I also found poetry that I like to read and write, and share with others. I understand haiku and really like it. That is my revelation.

music swells
the bride breathes deep
doors open

spring rain
muddy pawprints
on my floor

thunder crashes
lightning flashes
the sound of little feet


school book
on the floor
teethmarks on the cover

dry autumn leaves
blown freely
into my neighbor’s yard


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