Global Haiku PACE January 2005
Millikin University - Mattoon, IL
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Dee Wood

Truest Emotions by Dolores Wood

spring breeze—
the pull of her hand
as we near the pet store

Michael Dylan Welch

I feel haiku is a wonderful way to express feelings in a short, immediate way. I have come to enjoy haiku writers such as Michael Dylan Welch, Masajo Suzuki, Peggy Lyles and George Swede. There are several great haiku writers that should be read by anyone who enjoys the art, but those names are a few of my personal favorites.


New to haiku, I have come to find it very pleasurable to read. I enjoy reading haiku that are simple and involve nature and people. When I write haiku, I write from my own life experiences or things my friends and family have had to endure. This is where the name "Truest Emotions" stems from. I have always been interested in poetry, so haiku is a very nice way to express my inner feelings.

I thank my haiku teacher, Dr. Randy Brooks, for making haiku fun and interesting, and for showing me a different way to express my thoughts. I hope everyone who reads this collection enjoys and can relate to the haiku I have chosen to share.

awaiting his return
gigantic X's
on the calendar


first sunny spring day
her drop top Benz
hugs the road

hot summer day
elderly dark skinned man
remembers rows of cotton


flickering candles
betrayal surrounds me
only for one night

sunny garden
mother and daughter
on bended knee


gazing at long cornrows
mother envisions
elaborate designs

cold winter night
salt trucks fuel up
as snow begins to fall


         Lovers and Friends

pillow fight
in the dark
lovers and friends

         walk in the park
         hand in hand

moonlit night
hugging gets tighter
harmony in the air

         excited . . . I feel
         the gentleness of your kiss

subtle breeze
soft whispers
singing a sweet lullaby

         ocean water slowly
         covers my body

Dee & Will Wood

last goodbye kiss
I walk you to the door


snow angel
   by falling snow

©2005 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors