Global Haiku PACE January 2005
Millikin University - Mattoon, Illinois
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Willa Heath

Weightless by Willa Heath

Willa Heath is enrolled in the PACE program at Millikin University. She became interested in the art of haiku after enrolling in the Global Haiku Traditions course taught by Dr. Randy Brooks. While studying both traditional Japanese as well as contemporary English writers, she found that these short, and sometimes powerful, poems touched her deeply.

The haiku in this collection are the ones that she considers her best work. The rengay are the result of collaborations with her husband, Doug, and fellow haiku student, Jenifer Hagen.

empty outrigger on the beach
they begin a journey


I stare at the canvas
paintbrush in hand


early spring
much anticipated arrival
little girl with grandmother’s eye

         promise of wonders
yet to come

enless daisies
little pink gloves
a summer garden

         days grow shorter
memories tucked away
like leaves falling

grandmother’s eyes
glowing brightly

         a young girl’s dreams
each unique
snowflakes on her glove

Jenifer Hagen & Willa Heath


standing on a chair
she pretends to cut
grandfather's hair

floating beneath the waves
I breathe



we board the boat
waves gently slap the sides
gulls cry

         she swallows the pill
fearing sickness

in the distance
a plume of steam
the mighty fish breathes

         seas churn
the whale breaches

fear forgotten
we are in awe
the giant flies

         flukes sink in the water
sea empty again

                  Doug & Willa Heath

fat berries
heavy with morning dew
my knees hurt


the graveyard tent flutters
in the icy wind
the piper walks slowly away


©2005 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors