PACE Global Haiku • January 2006
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Terry Mallory

My Haiku Collection

Terry Mallory

It is my pleasure to share with you my personal collection of haiku. I hope you will enjoy reading them. They are a mixture of childhood memories, and nostalgia, some deal with human nature and a time of season. Hopefully they will spark some kind of response. My intention is for the reader to get a vivid imagination of a related experience after reading my haiku. I never imagined that I would put so much thought into three lines!

glory days gone by
tucked away in closet
high school football jersey

front cover
held together by tape
wedding book

joy and pride
granddaughter starts
to read on her own


step onto crowded elevator
door opens on your floor

snow flakes falling gently
I stick out my tongue
to catch one


hot and humid
mosquitoes are biting

Time Goes On

winter evening party
several days after
belated birthday

snowflakes fall
a new year begins

longer days
scent of fresh cut grass
dogwood trees in bloom

barbeque grills
and hot summer nights

high up in the sky
shining so bright
a silver moon

crops being severed from the land
as the leaves change colors


© 2006, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.