PACE Global Haiku • January 2008
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Becky Ives

Selected Haiku

Becky Ives

During the past five weeks I have learned a considerable amount about the art of Haiku. Prior to this class I simple “did not get it” I now have a basic understanding of what an Haiku really is and why it is so enjoyable. One of the unique things I have discovered is a spirit of collaboration and not one of competition. I am not sure if this is an east meets west cultural phenomenon or just the nature of the Haiku tradition. I do now that it is very different from American tradition.

I have also discovered how writing to set a mood without telling the reader what to think can be tied so closely with the word choice, links and as Shirane describes in chapter 4 about the importance of juxtaposition; reverberation, and transference. Word choices and combinations set the mood and let the ready experience the moment.

I cannot claim to fully understand the art of haiku and all that it encompasses; but I do have an appreciation for the art and a better understanding of the history of Haiku. I hope that this will not be the end of the experience I have with this poetic genre.

cold night
sisters share the bed
three across

steam rises from
snow soaked socks and gloves

perfect fit


clumps of hair
the birds

frigid wind
he lights the kerosene heater
by candlelight


your spine
cracked and bent
my hand lingers


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