PACE Global Haiku • January 2008
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Tia Randle

Memories Haiku Colleciton

Juawntia Randle

The haiku in my collection are haiku that I wrote in classes which are close to my heart. At the beginning of class after reading the first haiku I thought about how each haiku could relate to my life. Some of the haiku are from my early childhood and others I have written deal with something from the past year of my life. I titled my haiku collection Memories because all of the haiku’s in my collection are some form of memories in my life. 

cold lonely girl
where is mommy


picking greens
with grandma

sitting at the river bank
catching blue gills
granny and I


memories of dad
embedded in his coffin flag
army folded flag


© 2008, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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