PACE Global Haiku • January 2009
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Courtney Kerley

Selected Haiku

Courtney Kerley

When I signed up for Global Haiku, I had no idea what fun I would have. Writing haiku is such a release of everyday stress. I have enjoyed finding haiku my day to day business. It is such an amazing art form. I know I will continue writing haiku in the future.

cold water
rushing up to my knees
catch of the day

in her carseat
counting the stars
first math lesson

cold sticky goo
on my swollen belly
baby's first picture


holding her breath
as it gets lost in the sun
foul ball

more miles
than grandpa's Ford
tennis shoes


the family finds
among the snow
the perfect tree

shiny scissors
mother smoothes out the bumps
making the first cut


drop of sweat
lands in the row
of seeds

Sweet Blessings

cold sticky goo
on my swollen belly
baby's first picture

diapers, onesies, and bottles beginning
to fill every inch of the house

growing bigger
trying to kick
his way out

humid days
swelling ankles

frantic last minute
phone calls
sharing the news

ray of sunshine
glorious day

by Courtney Kerley & Buffy Smith


© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.