PACE Global Haiku • January 2009
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Katie McIntosh

Lost in Thought

haiku by
Katie McIntosh

The purpose of my collection is to show people that writing haiku really can be enjoyed by all, especially those of a younger generation. What I have learned from writing haiku is that it requires a certain kind of attention. Something has to inspire you and move you and that is where your best haiku develop.

The reason behind naming my collection Lost In Thought was because when wrting haiku you need to be in a different mindset. The mindset that you are not just writing to write, but that you are writing because you are inspired. Otherwise, you are lost in your thoughts and nothing you write makes sense.

I made this collection because I feel it shows my best work thus far. I was inspired hope you are too!

first snow
ball to the face . . .
older brother

snowed in
with a book
mountain of covers

patched knees
my green thumb


under cover
I love you

House Bunny

lost in this world
only word known by—

too old…
twenty seven

bodaciously going
where no bunny has gone before…

they wanted a role model
they got a playmate

these girls
don’t know it yet

rags to riches


© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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