PACE Global Haiku • July 2006
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Beth Forcum


Beth Forcum

I find writing haiku therapeutic. It is a great way for me to release anger and frustration, as well as to celebrate love, family, fond memories and beauty of nature. Haiku captures these moments and keeps them fresh and alive. I aspire to write haiku that will be true and real enough to be appreciated and enjoyed by many. But, even if no one else ever reads my haiku, I enjoy writing them. It is an exercise in discipline and precision. In as few words as possible, to choose and arrange them in such a way to provoke the mind to create an image or feeling that goes beyond mere words.

Taking this Global Haiku course at Millikin University was my introduction to real haiku. Being exposed to great haiku by some of the very best haiku authors in the world, inspired me to try to writing my own. I may not have achieved greatness, but I have enjoyed the journey. I plan to continue reading and writing haiku for my own enjoyment and personal development.

window ledge
night breeze cools
my silent tears

bright flowers
bow under hot sun
dirt under my fingernails

rocking baby
back to sleep
soft smell of powder

icy rain
stings my face
climate of my heart

reading all day
on the back porch swing

clean scent of pine
captive in our living room
a real Christmas tree

tacky ornaments
out of musty shoeboxes
little girls’ treasure

brand new pencils
anxious to begin
back-to-school again

Easter morning
it’s too cold
for this frilly dress


hint of smoke
on a cool breeze
promise of autumn

golden trees
wave and sway
autumn breeze

warm faces aglow
in the dance of the campfire
family’s gentle laughter



love you
despite all my angry words
I always will

lightening flash and thunder crashes
rain pounds the earth

turn away
searching the darkness
for answers through tears

feeling helpless
hostage to my pride
afraid to reach out

fickle summer storm
runs itself out so quickly

drips from the gutter
anger subsides
fingertips graze her bare shoulder

The Struggle

bitter silence
everything I want to say
but can't (BF)
    screaming thoughts
    within my head (JK)
angry tears
down my cheeks
where do I turn? (BF)
mountain top
the view is breathtaking
you hear the wind (JK)
    silence from within
    peace at last (BF)

new dawn
you awake
cold shoulders break (JK)














© 2006, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.