PACE Global Haiku • July 2006
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Carrie White

Haiku in the Making

Carrie White

When I came into this class (Global Haiku), all I really knew was that haiku was a form of ancient poetry and one of my favorite perfumes. Now I have a deeper appreciation for the perfume. Really, I taking this class has helped me to stop again and notice more of what I noticed years ago with the untarnished innocence of a child. Whether a haiku shows a moment or a taste of nature, it is good to stop and smell the roses. In our busy adult lives, especially those of us who are going back to school, this class is a very welcome detour off the mundane path we sometimes fall onto.

My goal is to pursue reading and writing haiku. From the moment I read the first tiny poem in Dr. Brooks' Mayfly magazine, I knew I was simply captured. My approach, as limited as it may be, is more geared to senryu, or the comical side of haiku. While my own writing may be more dramatic and somber, this is what I came to love. As an aspiring medical student, let me share my favorite George Swede senryu:

medical school
a cobweb in the pelvis
of the skeleton

     George Swede, Almost Unseen, page 32

Sometimes the students here could relate, or at least our spouses. Good luck! I hope you enjoy haiku as much as I do!

child traces
lines in belly
years ago she made

I never did like
     your pet names . . .
nut muffin

6 am
automatic pilot
     did I stop at that light?


as the gray sets in
time deepens the lines
     he's still my hero

that song
it never fails
suddenly I am back


busy four lane
                              traffic halted
Mama and her nine goslings waddle across

phone rings . . .
new lover glances
out the corner of his eye


tearing through the thorns
                         to pick you
                                            my only rose

an open hand . . .
                       I could not reach
     before it closed


© 2006, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.