PACE Global Haiku • July 2006
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Christina Sperry

Moments that touched me most

Christina Sperry


anxious mommy
anxious daddy
preparing the room

So excited to be expecting parents. Decorating the room with our love for our new arrival.

Curly hair
Blanky in tow
Snuggle time

My youngest daughter wanting time with mommy. I love to watch her run to me, with her curly hair bouncing and that smiling face. My heart melts.

miniature white dress
flower petals
a little girl’s dream

My daughter as a beautiful flower girl, six years old and a perfect miniature bride. How she loved dressing up for real that day!


hunting sea shells
mother daughter
our moment

My daughter and I had the chance to hunt for sea shells off the shore of Monterey, California. What fun and a memory we will cherish for many years.

waves rolling in
hand in hand
we march again

My husband and I walking hand in hand down the beach. Special moment.


dark silhouette
glowing eyes
hooo’s watching

We have a new visitor in our tree form time to time, A gorgeous, full grown owl.

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