PACE Global Haiku • July 2006
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Diana Howell

On Ruth Yarrow's Haiku


Diana Howell

It has been my pleasure to be introduced to haiku at a major turning point in my life. It has enabled me to use this unique art form to express many of the new experiences that have recently come my way. Surprisingly, the enjoyment in this new chapter has been multiplied by being able to express myself through haiku. My ability pales to the rest of the class, but my new husband and I had fun creating some haiku together. One that we co-authored involved the jungle cafe.

I expect to continue to seek out more literature in this art form and I hope to improve my one skill in the process.

hot sun
ocean breeze
strangers in foreign land

two hands locked
into the other

hundreds of tourists
two of us . . . alone

her eyes
see only me

softens the years
young at heart

two become one
souls merge

by Chris & Diana Kupish

weathered scarecrow
shakes in wind
autumn moon

sugar cookies & milk
grandma's rocker
empty now


cloves & cinnamon
float through grandma's house
auction day

pumpkin blossoms
grandma's kitchen
smells of cinnamon


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