PACE Global Haiku • July 2006
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Elaine Agnew

Memories: Laughter and Tears

Elaine Agnew

My haiku reflect my memories. I wrote haiku about everyday things I have seen and experiences that have touched me deep within. Most of my haiku are memories from playful experiences where I tried to capture that playfulness. Some are memories of sadness such as seeing my husband leave for the military.

I tried to reflect in my haiku a little of who I am. I want people to experience what I experienced by reading my haiku. By including scent and emotion words in my haiku, I hope to bring the reader into my memories.


small town girl
big city
nervous excitement

eighty-four languages

John Hancock Building
city aglow

busy streets
homeless people
southside of Chicago

flickers of light
next stop—Nuevo Leon

beautiful murals
colorful heritage
windy city

country road
wildflowers dot
a sea of green

darkened neighborhood
flashlight beam
tag—you’re it!


swimming . . .
in the rain

crowded airport
seeing his reflection
through every tear


searching license plates
on every red truck
looking for him

up at dawn
running shoes
greet me


bedtime story
sliver of a blankie
held tight

ready for school
shirt . . .
one size too small


kitchen table
wilting in a glass

© 2006, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.