PACE Global Haiku • July 2006
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Tina Calhoun

At Last , Haiku

Tina Calhoun

I am recently divorced after 14 years. I am a foster mother
of three children and one of my own. My children and my
family are my life. I have gone back to school to get my
teaching degree. This haiku class is one of my electives.

I really did not know much about haiku and had never
heard of it before signing up for the class. It has been
a wonderful class. I love how much you can get from the
poems in just a few words. My oldest daughter has enjoyed
helping and reading the poems I have come up with. She
has also enjoyed reading some of the books I have had for
class. It has been fun to share a part of my school with her.
I see myself continue writing haiku after this class is over, it
is just a way for me to express my life in a few words but still
mean so much more.

The reason I chose the title; At Last, Haiku, is because I
finally feel like I can write a little bit of poetry and it
may actually mean something. Most of what I wrote
had to do with my past and present experiences. I have
really enjoyed this class and I hope you enjoy the poems
I have selected.

bare feet
splashing in puddles

dark clouds
scared children hear
the sound of a train

snow covered trees
sparkles in the sunlight


cool evening air
smell of firewood
marshmallow melts in your mouth

frozen icicles
on dog’s fur
first snow


© 2006, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.