Haiku To Edit 1

PACE Global Haiku • Millikin University • Attempts 1, July 2011

spit bottles everywhere
unhappy wife




the smell of rain
on hot asphalt
[add need a third line]

cool autumn afternoon
side walk chalk
dinner time

cuddled in bed
burnt toast and butter
fill the whole room

breakfast in bed
burnt toast and orange juice
a flutter in my heart

new love
he brings burnt toast
for breakfast in bed

new love
burnt toast and orange juice
for breakfast in bed



a comforting hand
words of encourgement
a sigh of relief

an ultrasound?
her words of encouragement
and comforting hand

an ultrasound?
she takes my hand to say
everything is okay

Summer's night
Mom's voice
Three times calling

summer night
Mom's voice calling our names
for the third time

summer night
Mom calls us by name
for the third time

Mom calls our names
for the third time
we free the fireflies


wake up early
cool summer air
humming bird feeds

cool summer air
in grandmother's garden
a hummingbird




Under the stars
Release of lightening bugs
End of day

under the stars
we release lightning bugs
end of day

end of the day
we let lightning bugs go
to the stars

a pile of quarters
the pinball machine

a stack of quarters
by grandpa's vodka glass
pinball for the kids

by grandpa's tab
a stack of quarters for a go
at the pinball machine



smell of lemon pine sol
walking through the front door
my mother's home


her nightgown
holds silky
with cigarette burns



doing laundry
sharing laughs
admiring his smile

at the bow
dad hits
a sand bar



frozen pond
drop the puck
bloody nose

black Les Paul
waiting to be graced
by inexperienced hands


© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.