Haiku Kukai 1

PACE Global Haiku • Millikin University • Kukai 1, July 2011

packed car
stranded on a country road
raindrops on the window

the smell of burnt rubber
on race day

draft beer
the summer concert porta-potty

honeysuckle bushes
with the forbidden ice pick
holes in a jar lid

Sunday sunrise
dishes clanking
in the kitchen

dad's cop car
always follows me
to your house

side by side
slicing a bucket of peaches
we talk about anything

thirty-one flavors
the winner is

prom night
knock on the door
a rush

to the deep snowfall
we keep talking

morning dew
wet footprints
across the kitchen floor

in grandma's kitchen
pots rattle on the stove
savory smells

Mother's Day
snuggled in the sheets
laughter down the hall

a little girl?
I find myself singing to her
on the drive to work

jar of seashells
on the mantel
a trip never forgotten

washing peaches
his hand brushes mine
my heart skips a beat

morning breeze
her coffee
sputters in the kitchen

morning sun
in the white bedroom
grandmother's good morning kiss

the older kid
murders a firefly to light up
his ring finger

lipstick prints
midnight shadow
we say good night

picnic table
soft kisses
for lunch

unbearable summer evening heat
clothes on the ground
          skinny dippers

my thoughts are
running a 5K marathon
let's skip dinner

after dark
two sisters running

talking in the kitchen
to steal a bite

Grandmother's kitchen
a taste of coffee
and good conversation

the old radio on the fridge

Emergency Room
we gather for the news
about father's fall

she pulls out of the driveway
with her long blonde hair

large metal fish on a pole
grandpa's fishing

quiet street
no balls bouncing
at the end of summer

my sister
curled up on the couch
a bookworm

home alone
free as a bird
the doorbell rings

swimming pool

hot day
popsicle sticks
scattered throughout my yard

hot summer day
sweet watermelon
covered with ants

hospital test
she sits alone
not knowing what is to come

the schools bus pulls up
and older children get on
my toys come alive

tiny casket
one day we will
meet again

Autumn sunset
picking the perfect pumpkin

ducks on the pond
my shaky trigger

surgery scheduled
he calmly explains he wants
to see me graduate

church camp . . .
she tells us
it's ok to leave

snow falling
church bells ringing
Midnight Mass

thunder rolls
off the porch
we wade through puddles

peony bushes
surround the front porch
a thunderstorm rolls in

sitting on grandma's lap
she combs my hair sharing
memories and laughter

front porch swing
on a hot day
crisp summer rain

summer night
an engine roars to life
along with my heart

hot summer day
on grandma's porch
chickens crowing

summer breeze
little girl standing on a chair
in the kitchen

sun beaming
on the dirt roads

paw paw's hands
pull me on the sled
in summer

front porch
guitar and beer in hand
rain thunder tune

deer camp
I'm one of the guys
with grandpa

starry night
smoke from a Camel
billows from my mouth

we sit alone on the lake
the cold air
blows against my cheek

Grandpa's specialty
chocolate chip flapjacks
peanut butter on top

father son
in deep conversation
cold beer


© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.