Rengay Attempts 1

PACE Global Haiku • Millikin University • Rengay Attempts 1, July 2011

The Invitation

asleep on the bed
the wife notices
his shoes are still on

alone in the dark
headlights shine through the bedroom window

soft whispers
cut through the air
a tree frog sings

morning fog--
today's realization
of last night's festivities

a quiet meal prepared
with shaky hands and a hint of regret

lightning flashes
nobody's home
smell of blueberry muffins

by Adam Buxton & Aaron Weldy



The Week's End

annoying sounds on the television
a daughters fury
rings through the house

a Sunday afternoon draws to a close
the leaves are still green

the pan sizzles as the hamburger fries
damn that hurt

the cat stares silently
into the empty porch
locusts buzz

the six year old looks out the window
the neighbors are out

plates rattle in the kitchen
at last
supper is served

Aaron Weldy







The Promotion

executive staff meeting
thinking of all the things I have to do
at home

endless piles of paperwork
snowcapped mountains

whispers through the hallways
I don't hear a word
of English

he is hot
she is cold
I turn off the thermostat

moment of truth
door shuts behind him

the company
cannot run without you
three hundred jobs will be eliminated by Christmas

by Adam & Erin Buxton




Evening sky
through the rain
A rainbow

droplets of mist
trickle down her cheek

a soft touch
to wipe the tears
a promise of hope

her hands were clenched
fallen to her knees
she lets go

she looks up to the clouds
the answer so clear

Peaceful as a lilly
embracing the rays
of the new born sun.

Beth Miller & Karen Logue



Saturday night
wine glass
in hand

cool breeze through the window screens
children sleeping soundly

the phone rings
her heart drops
at the sound of his voice

loud neighbors
in the corner of his eye

the bar next door
has always been a thorn in the side

Sunday morning
can't sleep
waiting for the sun to rise

By Amber Gray and Travis Gray




the dog barks
at the mailman

dark corner
the little girl sobs

sunrise time
only dark clouds
and rain

Christmas day
Grandma stares
at a picture of him

only regrets
flow through the mind

questioning yourself
what if . . .
things were different?

By Amber Gray and Whitney Blickensderfer








Smell of sulfur
in the air
lightning crashes

senses focus
anticipation builds

a nearby tree
shelters me
from my Fear

dare I ask what's
on my--

Sunset eyes
Calming breath

my fingers chase
sainbow colors
Self reflection distorts

Beth Miller & Chad Ruwe




ice cream parlor
the man walks by
she encourages him to order

like fireflies
roommates at night

one child born
vows are exchanged
the twirling wind awaits

as the tree grows
more leaves are added
time still cycling

several peaks and valleys
life's landscape

memories are born
memories still to come
empty frames to be filled

a rengay by Josh & Celeste Settles



Sunflowers bloom
taking countless photos
of one white dress

nervous sense I asked
her to marry me

time stands still
a moment in time
she enters the room

the icing was the best
I ate more than you

so tired
we only say goodbye
to people by the door

you fell asleep
on the way to the hotel

by Erica and Evan McDonald




Untitled Rengay

autumn evenings
cool breeze
children's laughter

the football game is home
where I see my old boyfriend

winter approaching
colder nights
shorter days

I love the smell of school supplies
when the youngsters are back in business

frost on the windows
cold cars
heat feels good

the leaves are hiding the flowers
I bought back in May . . .

by Erica McDonald and Shelley Benson


The familiar road home
Reminds me of you

Brief shadows cast
By winter trees

Bitter cold morning
homemade biscuits
As I reach for the alarm clock

Summer colored linoleum
Mixed with brown
coffee beans

Long hot bath
Lavender silky pajamas

gentle relaxation
bubbling over joy
as I think

By Je'Taun Irons & Traci Moore





Summer sky
hot air balloon
take me away

Floating free
no worries or cares

the look on her face
says it all

Life changes
do we move on
or do we settle

Decision made
no looking back

Turning red
she blows through
the intersection

by Karen Logue and Candy Ridgeway







by the lake
loud and widespread

sparkling stars
light the path

constant chatter
open gate
scent of roses

Sunday afternoon
I walk by the lake
deep reflection

a baby's cry
i hear nearby

a quiet road
a lone street lamp
over populated by moths

by Kim Blunt & Je'Taun Irons



Rengay writing

snowy winter day
lazy and cold

six inches
where's the shovel?

eight friends
movies and popcorn
slumber party it is

two men
hard at work
drink in hands

late night
peace at last

cherry blossom
bubble bath
at last!

by Kim Blunt & ???










race track
fast cars

expensive motors
fast paced

lots of talent
long races
victory lane

lots money

by Nancy Benson and Shelley Benson




Untitled Rengay

cozy and warm
2 of us

free and quiet
then knock on door

hand in hand
we walk
in love

across the yard
on the fence
a dove

sprinkle, then rain
a rainbow, at last

waves and shakes
laughter with hugs

by Kim Blunt & ???




Family Rengay

she wakes to find
breakfast waiting
on the kitchen floor

slime of the yolk
yellow like the sun

not a good outlook
for her day ahead
SIGH . . .

yet the sun shines
with a fresh, crisp breeze

the fresh rain
will cleanse her
she smiles

by Sara Reynolds & family





The autumn leaves
vivid in colors
falling from the trees

We drive
down the winding road

The grass needs mowed
and I pull the weeds
to place new flowers

the tombstone engraved
with your beautiful face
you favorite color . . . pink

too young
to be gone

Remember the little girl
with mud
on her face

by Staci Whitcomb and Hailey Mormann






The Date

The moon has arrived
Michael Buble is singing
As the candlelight flickers

Little black dress
As I admire myself in the mirror

No thought left unturned
The wine is chilling
With desert prepared

As the time passes
I eagerly await his presence
My thoughts and body intertwine

"Tonight is the night"
I say

The phone rings
As I answer
Silence reply's . . .

by TyKyna Fox and Shauna Mays




The Sleep Over

slumber party
girls laughing

parents wake
lights come on

one by one
the feet run
down the drive way

windows go up
one by one
on the neighbors house

Blue and red lights flashing
Toward us


by Shauna Mays & Tina Cunningham




cool summer night
charcoal on the grill
smoke in the air

eyes start to water
and so does my mouth

crickets in the grass
birds in the trees
a beer in my hand

sizzle of the steak
the flames rise
and I go back in my mind

dog at the door
waiting with anticipation

go lay down
you're a pain in the ass
this steak is mine!

by Staci Whitcomb and Corey Smith







sun shining summer day
silent air
distance, 401 yards

tall trees and tall grass
dancing in the wind

driving the distance
hoping for the best
successful situation

too many thoughts in my head
need to clear the mind
just play the game

old wise man carries
multiple loved clubs

swinging freely all this time
only two shots left and
then two more

by Tyler & Kevin Riggs

Our City

Blue water
Seagulls sing overhead
her hand

Bat cracks
Beers and dogs in hand
shutter snaps

side by side
slowing her down
finish line

Glasses clink
Happy new year

Strange looks
fancy clothes
wrong part of town

luggage and cabs
tracks steady beat
going home

by Tim and Christy Jankowski






The End

The light at the end of the tunnel
Is 100 watts and beaming
Last semester of undergraduate degree

All classes taken
Graduation application signed

No more long evenings
Amazon, Chegg, or
Sallie Mae is waiting outside the door

As I arrive to each class
The countdown is on
Thank you Lord I made it!!

Friendships were forged
Achievements are priceless

Look out world
Here I come, into

by TyKyna and Jean


driving on the highway
mile after mile
where have we been

from dawn until dusk
nothing ever changes

old brown table
5 dice
there goes all my money

empty bar stools
all around me
bartender, one more drink

dead conversation
time to leave

door opens to the outside
sun is up
where did time fly?

by Tyler Riggs & Zach Keck







Weekend Journey

Friday summer night
Boat is hooked up
Ready to go

lake waves
crashing the shore

Cold beer in hand
Out in the middle of nowhere
Nothing to answer to

full moon
shooting stars

Time to leave
The children cry
Sadness in the air

we shall meet again
until then be easy

by Angela Tharp & Zach Keck

© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.