Haiku Attempts 2

PACE Global Haiku • Millikin University • Attempts 2, July 2011

driving through a tunnel
of cherry blossoms

in the kitchen
cigarettes second drawer down
her only vice

he grabs a stick
a swarm awakes

in the park
two friends meet

I run and run
I don't remember a song
on my Ipod

I have not
picked my nose—

stars fill the skies
look at her
stars fill up her eyes

window shades rolling up fast
sun shining in the window
it's time to get up

I can't hear
her yelling at me

last one on the bus
the longest last day
of the school year

new backpack
and lunch box
they wait for the bus

sticky fingers
pull apart
the doughy goodness

open road
the reflectors on the
pavement never end

rainbow colored
outside the church

a cool breeze
through green summer leaves
locusts in stereo

one blue canopy
a hot summer day
in the cemetery

cherry almond lotion
her scent is everywhere
I miss her

up at the crack of dawn
cool morning air
music to my ears

the glistening snow
on the tree branch
the owl sits quietly

you and me
a picnic basket
who invited the ants?

bright red tomatoes
Grandpa and I crank
tomato juice

he picks
with great excitement
lily pad flower

the water boils
along with her temper
time for tea

a loud boom
one after another
"Let freedom ring"

I hold her hand and
wipe her tears—
I feel I've touched an Angel

brisk fall night
hot coco and smores
sparks fly

Decatur Celebration
childhood friends reunite
at a best friend's funeral

pitch black darkness
the clouds pass by
the moon lights my path

are we there yet
are we there yet . . .

everyone is singing
while i look outside
white Christmas

the big oak tree
barren branches
our first kiss

blue sky
his eyes
capture me

the 4 of us
1 blanket

nighttime approaches
the patio awaits
wine and jazz are on my mind

cool fall afternoon
pile of leaves
jumping over and over again

campfire stories
from inside the tent
hiding from mosquitos

snow day
dad stays home
to help us build a snowman

a child measures
the footprints in the snow
One day I will be as big as daddy!

Christmas Eve
pine needles
glistening with powder

© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.