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Dr. Randy Brooks

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Aaron Weldy

From One Page to Another

Aaron Weldy


I view haiku as the single most important thought in a specific period of time. It is the essence of thought and emotion and is the only thing the writer wishes to convey at that moment in time. Haiku are sporadic, spontaneous, and can happen at any time. In my opinion, the best haiku are written on the fly, during the moment in time the feeling or the thought strikes. The haiku I have written in this book are all written out of the passion of the moment, as I have lived them.

From One Page to Another is a fitting title for this collection as all of my haiku are random, free flowing thoughts. Instead of staying on one page in life, I believe one should jump from page to page, thus breaking away from the monotony of every day "same old, same old". The title of this book also reflects how it is physically constructed. Each haiku was written on one page and cut and pasted onto another. Enjoy!

Reader's introduction, by Traci Renfo:

Upon reading through Aaron's haiku, I found myself in slight awe. Aaron's descriptions help me visualize what he is writing about. I enjoyed all of them so it's hard to pick just a few. It's easy to relate with what he has written on paper. Two thumbs up!

unwanted buzz
from the guitar strings
the song has attitude

the bat cracks
and the hands fly up

I can't hear
her yelling at me


hot day
popsicle sticks
scattered throughout my yard

draft beer
the summer concert porta-potty


broken legged doll
the girl
plays nurse

starry night
smoke from a Camel
billows from my mouth


blank notebook page
laughs at me

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