PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2011
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Je'Taun Irons

Can you Haiku?

Je'Taun Irons

The title of this collection, Can You Haiku? is named so, because while taking this class I was not sure of how to write haiku or what it all about. While learning what haiku is all about, I became more comfortable in the art. I now see haiku as a way to create a feeling without blatantly saying what you are feeling. Haiku also allows the reader to draw from their experiences and feel their own emotions. I wrote most of my haikus based on what I was feeling and what I observed through nature, trying to tie both together. Although not all may be note worthy, I hope you will still enjoy my collection of haiku

pitch black darkness
the clouds pass by
the moon lights my path


home alone
free as a bird
the doorbell rings

knight in shining armour
shoulder to cry on
rust bucket


old tin watering can
sunflower spout long gone
passed down from grandma

Sunday afternoon
I walk by the lake
deep reflection


the schools bus pulls up
the children get on
my toys come alive

man of my dreams
trapped in a bottle
of Budweiser


in the church pew
an old pair
of hymn books

needing you
I look to the sky
on my knees


© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.