PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2011
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kim Blunt

Selected Haiku

Kim Blunt

I am very excited about what I have learned and achieved in Global Haiku class. Before my entrance to this class, I knew absolutely nothing about Haiku. I never would have thought I'd enjoy the class as much as I did. It is so true how much fun it is. I have discovered that haiku is a means of developing a personal life of meaning and value from reading haiku and writing my own original haiku.

I have experienced the art of reading and writing haiku and having the ability to connect my personal experiences, memories and feelings to haiku.

I enjoyed researching international poets, editors and scholars of contemporary haiku. I really enjoyed haiku written by George Swede. The book, To Hear the Rain by Peggy Lyles, is one that should be read by everyone. I believe her haiku was a great way to start the class. My author study on Ferris Gilli proved to be a worthwhile experience as well. It gave me the ability to be creative and use my imagination to the fullest!

summer night
we walk
in love

swimming pool

half time
potty break
. . . sneakin' a smoke


the 4 of us
1 blanket

winter night
one blanket
the two of us


sunday morning
country drive
thoughts and prayers

so tiny
more precious
her footprints


prom night
knock at door

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