PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2011
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Shelley Benson

Selected Haiku

Shelley Benson

Before I took this haiku class I knew nothing about haiku. I had heard different people talk about it and how interesting it was and I was looking forward to it. After the first night I saw how passionate you Dr. Brooks was about his job. He wanted us to learn about haiku and how to write it. I think that haiku is about an experience one has, but it is also something that some just write about because they have saw something or just thought about something. When I read the different books that we got for the class many of the haiku's I could relate to. Many of them I felt connected to one way or another. It was nice to read haiku from many different authors. Some talked about love, others talked about seasons and nature and some talked about real life events. I really enjoyed the variety of haiku and the class.

doctor's office
feeling overwhelmed
happy times to come

a comforting hand
words of encouragement
a sigh of relief

summer night
neighborhood kids
chasing lightening bugs


old car
keeps on running

cool autumn breeze
children's laughter, contagious


last day of school
children can't sit still

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