PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2011
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Tera Cook


Tera Cook

I knew nothing when it came to writing haiku. We did a little in high school and I remember not liking it. This class has been very different. I have enjoyed it very much and have learned a lot. When I write haikus, it comes from many places in my life that I have never thought about writing about. Personal experiences are the easiest to write about. The best way for me to write is to go outside by myself with no noise or distractions.  My mind is clear and things start to come to me quick. This will help me in the future with writing to get helpful ideas. I understand haiku now and realize there is no wrong or right way to write it. It is your own opinion and is something that anyone can do.

summer wedding
she looks up
to the clouds


late summer night
he leans in close
butterfly kisses

swim suits and towels
she stands on the chair
to braid my hair


brisk fall night
hot coco and smores
sparks fly

summer breeze
little girl standing on a chair
in the kitchen


new backpack
and lunch box
they wait for the bus

tiny casket
one day we will
meet again


open road
the reflectors on the
pavement never end

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