PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2011
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Tyler Riggs




Tyler Riggs

I first started to write haiku as soon as I came to Millikin University and took the class Global Haiku with Dr. Randy Brooks. I never really knew what a haiku was until the first two weeks of the class. I became very interested and would like to think I my capabilities of writing haiku improved. I studied many books while taking this class, there was one book that I found very
interesting. The book “Pilgrimage” by Michael Dudley. He was a comedian and had a lot of very interesting haikus. He also introduced me how to change the font of a haiku to connect closer with the readers.

The majority of my haiku’s are usually a lot about golf. I have played golf since I was in sixth grade all the way up until now, I am currently 24. I feel like most of my thoughts come up when I am by myself on the golf course just walking the course I think of haiku of how I am feeling, playing, wishing I was somewhere else, or even just a general thought that I could be doing something better. Some of the haiku included in this small collection are also with the help of family and friends. I like to say that you can always be successful in the things you do, but the more knowledge you can gain from your peers will always help you be even more successful. That is how I feel when I get help from my family and friends.

I would like to dedicate this small and first addition of my haiku to several groups of people. First, I would like to dedicate it to my family. They have helped me write a few of them as well as give me the support that I could do it. Second, I would like to thank Dr. Randy Brooks. Without Dr. Brooks I would have no idea what a haiku is and without knowing that this book wouldn't be possible. Last but not least are my classmates. With the inspiration, support, and help from them this book is one hundred
percent possible. Thank you to all who helped and I will not forget how to write haiku with out you.


Tyler Riggs was born in Bloomington, Illinois and raised in Lincoln, Illinois, a small central Illinois town. There have been a lot of up and downs in his life. Going to multiple colleges and trying to figure out where he exactly wanted to go in the future. He attended Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois where he received his associates degree. He then transferred to Easter Illinois University where he only spent two years. After those two years he decided to take a year off and start a full time job where he works now, WAND-TV, in Decatur, Illinois. While writing haiku is a part time hobby he is a full time camera operator and floor director for the morning Today Show on WAND-TV. Currently attending Millikin University where he is attempting to get his degree in Organizational Leadership.

During the years of attending Millikin, Tyler has hopes to take online classes to get a personal trainer certificate. After receiving his certificate he wants to eventually move out of Decatur and to St.Louis. From this date, about a year ago, while attending Eastern Illinois University he has lost over eighty pounds. This loss helped inspire what he wanted to do after he graduates from Millikin, be a personal trainer in St. Louis. Tyler has one sister that attends Southern Illinois University and his immediate family still lives in Lincoln, Illinois where he was raised. He was a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at Eastern Illinois University and has made many friends throughout his journey of struggles. He plans to continue writing haiku as much as possible, but for now he is focused on receiving a degree and his personal trainer certificate.


lying in bed
my eyes closed tight
I dream

walking through the door
she stands there
all smiles

in front of the mirror
who stands there

walking by the water
wind blowing in hair
blown away

empty room all alone
knock at the door
finally home

smell of lemon pine sol
walking through the front door
my mother's home


sun shines in the first
clouds in the fifth--
rain delay

you and me
a picnic basket
who invited the ants?

stars fill the skies
look at her
stars fill up her eyes

beach towel and sand
listen to the waves
Corona in hand

everyone is singing
while I look outside
white Christmas

early morning sunrise
fishing rods set
time to catch


every time I play
every golf ball I hit
my one and only lucky hat

all these years that passed
down the long roads I travel
worn out shoes

boxes fill the car
echoes fill the room
we move on

another year goes by
without her by my side
grandmothers tombstone fades

standing on the range
bucket of balls
preparing for the round


© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.