Haiku Attempts 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2013


in the middle of the lake
a kayak sits
. . . still

whispering winds
my hammock gently sways
on the day of sabbath

wet grass
resumed activities
bicycles and jump ropes

trembling at the knees
mellow music
I do

leaning over the edge
he licks the soap
off my arm

the coldest night
a window cracked open
to soothe the heated heart

so many questions
in the garden
in due time, my child

the sand settles
. . . man down

office politics
with a heavy heart
I play the game

sitting alone
mind is clearing
the smell of new rain

nervous laugh
a sideways glance
young love

nervous father
in blue scrubs
red headed baby boy

afraid in the dark
he still sees
his shadow

a flimsy straw hat
she teaches me
in the garden

playing in the woods
I wonder from the path
am I lost?

squeaky floorboard
the youngest comes in the dark
with questions

four o’clock
the river’s bounty in his talons
Daddy flies home

Granny guides me
through the field of cotton
a scorching ball of flame

little wooden ships
sailing on story books
a flask in the top drawer

four generations
sitting by the fireplace
story time

my voice
whispering in his ears

hot summer sun
my sweat
tastes unforgiven

autumn shower
splashing on window pane

claps overhead
old men hang lanterns

rainy morning
garden grown tomatoes
sitting on the porch

nascar thoughts
eyes wide shut
NO          restart button

the road

snow falls quietly
the winter kitchen
smells of baking cookies

rocking of the boat
smoke on the water
bent poles

old beat up blanket
four little boys

hot pressing iron
patient women waiting

cool summer night
wind through your hair
rumbling pipes

a butterfly
lands on her finger
they stand still


© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.