Rengay Favorites

Global Haiku Tradition--Rengay Attempts 1, July 2013

Day's End

Sleepless Nights
toss and turn
tears overflow

morning takes away the pain
desire to reunite still appears

no more laughter
whispers no more
discussions has cease

coffee table with two mugs
the past reappears

tears on the pillow
chills overtakes body
never forgotten love

memories are showcasing
the feeling of warmth


Linda : A, Divya: B
A-3, B-2, A-3, B-2, A-3, and B-2

untitled rengay

fireworks show
I sit on a blanket
with him…

tightly holding hands
looking into the sky

butterflies in my stomach
looking for the words…
she said yes

the day has come
to walk down the aisle

church bells ring
people whispering
camera flashing lights

beating the sunrise
arriving beachside


Amy Harmon, Sevie Jarrett,
& Josh Macklin

The Guider

guiding my journey
she utters
this way not this way

torch light beckons to follow
strength and compassion

weakness ignorance
darkness enters journey
encouragement new path

how to live
grace success gratitude

bitterness envy
wasted gifts
emptiness of self-will

lessons life love
darkness and light


Cherronda Dear & Mother

Early morning Anticipation

early morning
smelling the aroma
of my mom's breakfast

the sweet smell
of love

sizzling and popping
are the sounds
of perfection

the anticipation
of the fried wonderland

percussion sounds
of metal to porcelain
reverberates through the room

how my body vibrates
from the joyous sound.


A-3, B-2, C-3, A-2, B-3, C-2
Brock=1 Arica (wife)=B Anthony (son)=C

Brave Hearts

few precious moments
she paints
her nails

his favorite color
scarlet red 

fighting for freedom
far from home
loneliness calls

under the same
moonlit sky

whispered dreams
across the miles
it won’t be long

distant hearts
together as one


Stacey Longfellow & Dana Sayles


lying in the dark
a motion light
illuminates outside

dog ears rise
eyes open wide

a shadow moves
outside the door
heart racing

the light fades
darkness deepens
fear blinds

the handle turns
a voice cries out

jolted awake
beaded with sweat
the dog snores


Dana Sayles & Tiffany Hall

Winter's Stealth

an early winter
the lazy bird sings
no song

trees cloaked in white
an undisturbed wonderland lives

an unprepared father shoveling fast
as his children listen to the news anchor say…

now bundled up
from head to toe
the snow no longer sits undisturbed

snowmen and angles
fill the once blank canvas

day became night
his children now asleep
the bird is still mute


Sean Ekiss & Nicole Ekiss

The Future

frozen walks
by the duck pond
never happier

looking at the crisp water
thinking about the future

the day
she wanders
with him

ducks cross their path
brilliant sun
on pavement

snow melts
spring tells of the hereafter

the future


William Cato & wife

A Single Mother's Prayer

hot sand
between my toes
gentle salty breeze

Relaxing sun
No worries

waves kissing the sand
tranquil thoughts
fill my mind

negative drama
awaits me

guide me through
these trying times
they need me


Stacey Longfellow & Jenny Schultz


In the field she walks
He loves me
He loves me not

She picks wild flowers
Humming a romantic tune

As the sun glistens
Her Face glows
With thoughts of him

The wind blows in the field
The rains began to cry
The roses are dead

Running through the brush
The tears flow like old memories

The skys clear
The fat lady sing
He loves me not

Cynthia & class partner


With a Friend

soul music
I eloquently speak truth
with no agenda

voices cry to be heard
without restraint

when the music stops
there is nothing for dancing
rhthym remains

the jazz player needs your ear

genres connect
spirits are individual
but inseparable

soul music
brings joy to all who listen



© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.