Haiku Attempts 2

Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2013



at the end of summer
is the beginning of fall
hut 1 hut 2 hut . . . hut . . . hut

pumpkins on porches
watch out for
neighborhood kids

crab apple fallen
from the tree
trash day

floating leaf
school bus pulls in line

harvest moon
toe head giggles
sugar high

tree dying
the uncountable
autumn leaves

halfway between
twenty and eighty
I yell Touchdown

hotdogs sweat
over the fire
children wearing hoodies

I try once a year
but cannot match the taste
of mom's pie


fields of green and yellow
await . . .

yellow orange red
favorite scarf



falling quietly
I take in
the first snow

Christmas bells ring
a little boy drops coins
in the bucket

first snowflake
on the ground
everlasting love

late November
the dogs joyfully playing
in the season's first snow

Christmas snow
the smell of baked cookies
as we watch the stars

bundled up head to toe
playing outside
no school

snow boots
left on the porch
flashing lights

slightly disturbed
freshly fallen snow
deer track

a blank white slate
two children create
beautiful angels

a white canvas
names are written
in              yellow

frozen window panes
he counts small tracks
in the fresh snow

full moon
illuminating the snow
day at night


Santa is coming
and daddy ate the cookies
I left for him

strong thick ice
we make a hole
to fish



rotating tines
row after row
the seeds are sown

open playground
wind blows
through the hallway

those who left legacy for us
no more conversations


bird window haiku




tomatoes ripe
for the picking
baseball glove on the porch

a tepid night
the deafening roars
from the country's celebration

summer night
sitting on the porch
catching lightning bugs

excited child
the sparkler burns
her hand

summer sun
waves crash
sand covered toes

the sky lights up
the wind stands still
kids smile with independence

walking through the mud
hope calls her name
feet feel the warm sand

wedding day
father's nervous eye
on groom

campfire songs
story time

falling to the floor,
I watch a flower blown

summer heat
she sweats
in her Sunday dress

summer night
brothers catch fireflies
on a wiffle ball bat

baseball game
two hotdogs over here
thanks dad

pedaling . . .
one mile
at a time

weeping willow
we swing
vine to vine




© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.