Haiku Kukai 3 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • July 2013

baby cries in the night
he whispers
my turn

William Cato (9)

my family   my life
not perfect . . .
but perfect for me

Brock Freeman (6)

computer technology
good ole pencil and paper

Charles Walker (9)

lumpy pillow
she has learned
the soft spots

Daniel Bradford (2)

lying on my side
she whispers
are you awake

Sean Ekiss (6)

daughter's first date
advice to her
cold stare to him

my old red shirt
his superman cape

Sean Ekiss (10)

bills, bills, bills . . .
all around me
but no dollar signs

Stephanie Cockrell (10)

rocking the baby
in the chair
where I used to be rocked

Dana Sayles (5)

a broken wheel
cart hangs on
D-day of silence

messy room
they continuously fuss
about the clothes

Grandpa hat
falls over the boy's face
pictures of the past

Cynthia Jones (7)

lipstick to the dance
can't stay out till midnight
but other kids can

a winters night
my Nana's quilt
warms my lap

granddad's Bible—
same words
on worn pages

Daniel Bradford (7)

smell of garbage
the crow
eyes glow

Divya Patel

butt dials
she hears the cheating conversation
flip phone

Cynthia Jones (2)

moonlight streaming
reaching for the tattered blanket
she kisses him goodnight

Emily Green (6)

morning stretch
puppy breath in my face
nails click on the floor

dried up pond
the tire swings
no more

Sean Ekiss (8)

my youth slips away
face shows every smile in life
shiny silver hair

Cherronda Dear (6)

lightening flashes
words were said
he is not my husband anymore

Emily Green (5)

clean windows
little hands
. . . dirty windows

Kelsey Polk (8)

baby doll
old fashioned clothes
thanks grandma

grandpa's boots
her little fingers
fill all the holes

Joren Martin (3)

those who left legacy for us
no more conversations

another cake
another candle
another ache

Wiliam Cato (9)

3rd shift
to protect and serve
home safe

Dana Sayles (7)

the old locket
hangs from the mirror
grandma’s love

Dana Sayles (7)

mile after mile I drive
in search of
a worn out old dresser

Marsha Peel

Great-grandma rocker
splintered and aging
keep it forever

two one-legged men
swap stories with their wives
just one pair for both

Joren Martin (3)

tattered sails on
Grandfather’s old ships
my mind sails them still

the thunderstorm
window opens
damp smell of fungus

driving around
the fog
Decatur lake

listening to music . . . or
blocking us out

Stephanie Cockrell (6)

falling leaves
the season I love
relaxing by the window

Sevie Jarrett (5)

kids to bed
she looks his way
flirty smile

Stacey Longfellow (5)

three sisters
from one conversation
to the next

Stephanie Cockrell (5)

june bride
walking to me

Wiliam Cato (2)

old sun-faded barn
barely standing
new tractor

1 headless
2 broken tail pieces
the horse still rides

low mournful tone
eyes clenched
sax tells the story

Wiliam Cato (7)

the painter’s brush
goes too far
he likes her new scar


Joren Martin (4)

© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.