PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Brock Freeman

The Love of Retirement

Brock Freeman

Brock Freeman was born in the Midwest but moved to North Carolina. Spending the majority of his growing up in the Carolinas, he fell in love with the easy southern living. Somehow, fate drew him back to the Midwest where he found his wife of 17 years. Brock has four beautiful children that range from 20 years of age down to 4 years of age. Brock is the type of man who is not afraid of telling his story, whether good or bad, but in the same breath, he will find away to make some kind of logic out of it. He lives by the old saying, “Experience is the best teacher”. At the age of 37, Brock has rekindled the thirst of knowledge.

Hopefully, by reading some of the haiku poems that Brock has written, the reader can feel the love of the Carolinas within it. Brock hopes the readers will be able to feel, taste, smell, and see the love he has for the East coast.

a young mother
catches     a familiar whiff
of the coastal breeze


Early morning Anticipation

early morning
smelling the aroma
of my moms breakfast

the sweet smell
of    love

sizzling and popping
are the sounds 
of perfection

the anticipation
of the fried wonderland

percussion sounds
of metal to porcelain
reverberates through the room

how my body vibrates
from the joyous sound.

Brock Freeman - A
Arica Freeman - B
Anthony Freeman - C

a blank white slate
two children create 
beautiful angels


1 headless
2 broken tail pieces
the horse still rides

humid wind
lightly sways the hammock
the thirst of beer


a heated night
at a restaurant table
she gets . . . goosebump

embers fall
from the rust holes
perfectly cooked hot dogs


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