PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Cherronda Dear


Cherronda Dear

When we use our creative abilities to relate emotions and experiences our goal is not only to stimulate our own senses, but to stimulate the senses of those who have the opportunity to experience our creative endeavors as well. In learning and understanding the writing of haiku, I not only unlocked my mind to memories that are special to me, but I also learned how to express special experiences and relationships in a manner that stimulates my senses.

Haiku writing is conducted in a unique manner that uses words in symbolizing emotions. The words are not structured in the traditional sense of sentences, rather in brief phrases that describe experiences.

My approach to haiku revolved around experiences involved in relationships as well as experiences that occurred not only in my life, but those which occur in the lives of us all.

I hope you find my expression of haiku’s to be enjoyable and stimulating, and bring to mind similar pleasant memories and experiences.

gazing at my son
glowing like a firefly
in ICU


he can run
he can play
only for a little while

hospital to hospital
new and unfamiliar faces
the sick life


another long ride
to the hospital we go
round two

so many questions
in the garden
in due time, my child


Granny guides me
through the field of cotton
a scorching ball of flame

a flimsy straw hat
she teaches me
in the garden


the “N” word
so little understood today
secrets . . .


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