PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Divya Patel


Divya Patel

"Haiku is basically about living with intense awareness about having an openness to the existence around us—a kind of openness that involves seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching." — Cor Vanden Heuvel, The Haiku Anthology, 3rd edition.

This collection of haiku is based on personal emotions and observation of nature. After leaving my loved ones for better educatio and moving to United States, these haiku were able to explain my emotions at different levels.

at the feet of mother
lays the door
to haven

This haiku reminds me of the peace I felt while sitting with my mother and talking to her. Hopefully my collection will be able to bring back your memories of loved ones and the excitement of enjoying the nature

the quiet pond
frog on leaf


smell of garbage
the crow
eyes glow

in the chill of mountain
whisper the trees
come back home


looking out the window
shimmering light of full-moon
another day in paradise

open playground
wind blows
through the hallway



quiet night
riffle points at me
from the window

wedding day
father's nervous eye
on groom


tree dying
the uncountable
autumn leaves

first snowflake
on the ground
everlasting love


deep blue sea
off goes the boat to
nowhere . . .

busy market
the smell of curry
feels like home


the night of wilderness
frogs and crickets
tune up to sing

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