The Betrayal

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • August 2013


The Betrayal

Dana Sayles & Stacey Longfellow

August 21, 2013

Stacey Longfellow is married with three children. She has been married for 18 years. We passed the links back and forth to one another and with each response we ended up with this finished product. The worst nightmare would be any thoughts of betrayal by a spouse. Stacey has had many nightmares of the subject and decided to end the renga with the thought of it being all a dream.

Dana Sayles works with Stacey at a Fortune 100 Company and is furthering her education to advance her career and remain competitive in an ever-changing market.


The Betrayal

Autumn sunset
the lake
glistens in the distance

sitting on the dock
under the moon and stars

watching intently
two graceful swans

she breaks the silence
with three words

looking down
he takes her hand
under the silver moon

discussing the future
heartbeats race

falling leaves
a wolf cries out
as the wind picks up

animals scurry
darkness settles in

he steals a kiss
the chill on her cheek
warms with his lips

they collect wood
to build a fire

separated in the dark
he calls out
to her

the coldness
surrounds her

the path
no longer visible
cloud covered moon

heart racing
panic sets in

sitting down by the bush
she takes in the scent
of the cherry blossoms

closing her eyes
clearing her mind

a hand on her arm
she looks up
at the stranger

instant fear
runs through her

lifting her up
the old woman

arm in arm
the walk to her house

deep in the woods
the old cabin
in need of repair

the smell of firewood
overwhelms her

stoking the flames
her lover looks up
his secret revealed

her fear
turned to rage

tears in her eyes
she runs back
into the darkness

all she has known

in the clearing
she sits upon
a hollow log

her next move

moon shining down
he steps into the

disgust on her face
betrayal in her heart

he quietly speaks
and wipes her tears
a bird cries

crumbled dreams

healing words
he mends
her broken heart

fog has lifted
ready for action

walking hand and hand
under the falling
cherry blossoms

she wakes suddenly

• • •



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