PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Marsha Malone Peel


Selected Haiku of Marsha Malone Peel

For Dad, I will always miss you

This collection of haiku are all based upon memories that are important to me. My approach to haiku is to try to capture the emotion each memory brings with it. I admire the ability haiku have to portray an emotion and a picture at the same time with so few words. Learning about haiku has given me a new way to express myself in a less is more manner.

Marsha Malone Peel
Millikin University

Marsha’s work is a mix of both memories and facts of life; she possesses the distinct ability to paint a scene around the reader which brings her words to life. Granny’s pearls and Year after year are both personal favorites of mine, after the first line I was struck with an instant visual of things my own Grandma held dear and not being able to escape the hands of time. That is what haiku is all about, making the reader feel something and pulling at their emotions. I hope all who read this collection have as much fun as I did, thank you Marsha for sharing your work and memories with us.

—Sean Ekiss
Millikin University

snow falls quietly
the winter kitchen
smells of baking cookies


yellow roses
she sheds a tear
he’s sorry again

Granny’s pearls
the string thin and worn
warm my skin with love


summer heat
she sweats
in her Sunday dress

hot summer sun
my sweat
tastes unforgiven


four o’clock
the river’s bounty in his talons
Daddy flies home

year after year
she climbs each step
a little slower


young bride smiling
was she
really me?


© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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