PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Sean Ekiss


Sean Ekiss @ 2013

The haiku you are about to read in this collection are what I consider to be among my best work. As the title of my collection “MyKu” suggest these are all haiku that were written and personally selected by me. When selecting a name for my collection I wanted something that said that would jump off the cover and draw the attention of an avid haiku reader as well as say this is who I am and how I write, I feel “MyKu” does this perfectly.

Most of the haiku I write are from memories of childhood, life or even future conversations and situations I one day hope to have with my son. I believe my best haiku have come to me while driving; I attribute this to being the only time when my mind is not ADHDing out completely. I hope you enjoy reading my haikus on MyKu as much as I have enjoyed writing and selecting them.

Thank you,
Sean Ekiss

Sean’s work has an instant nostalgia that is easily recognizable and even easier to understand. His haiku take the reader to a familiar place that is heartwarming and sincere. Often associated with childhood, Ekiss takes us back to that moment in time we will treasure forever with his writings. My old red shirt and Rusty floorboard are both personal favorites of mine and illustrate precisely the vibe that defines Ekiss’ nostalgic writing.
—Aaron Weldy

old beat up blanket
four little boys


baseball game
two hotdogs over here
thanks dad

summer night
brothers catch fireflies
on a wiffle ball bat


at the cookout
I man the grill
all is lost

4th of July
a tire swings
over the pond


my old red shirt
his superman cape

dried up pond
the tire swings
no more


lying on my side
she whispers
are you awake

rusty old floorboard
hot on my feet
grandpa's Chevy


this old pillow
smells like her
I need that now

the ducks
watch us


casting a stone
into the pond


© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.