PACE Global Haiku • PACE July 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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William Josh Macklin


William Josh Macklin

I follow a very basic principle in my creation of haiku. I simply try to provide enough information for a reader to get a visual of their own life experiences and apply them into their own story. It is important that not too much information is provided, simply because I do not want to tell someone else’s story. I simply want to provide a foundation for a reader to base off of. In my collection you will find a mixed bag including outdoors, love, and real life adventures.

bundled up head to toe
playing outside
no school


strong thick ice
we make a hole
to fish

this old road
full of potholes
still takes me home


old church building
in need of restoration
freshly married

sunset slipping away
frogs begin to sing
at the river


rocking of the boat
smoke on the water
bent poles

this old road
full of pot holes
takes me home



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