Global Haiku PACE • Mattoon, Fall 2005
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Brooke Weemer

Selected Haiku

Brooke Weemer

Haiku has been an entertaining experience for me. I found that once you start writing haiku, it is difficult to think about anything else. When someone is trying to hold a conversation with me, I find myself making a haiku out of everything they are saying. It is kind of scare actually. Haiku has definitely been an interesting learning experience for not only me but my friends as well. They got the education as well as me. I think that I would like to know more about the art of writing haiku. I think it is something that could be a wonderful meditation mechanism.

My inspiration for writing haiku came from anywhere and everywhere. I did find that I possess a bit of a morbid side. It had a tendency to come out in my writing. I also enjoyed writing about my child and reading what others wrote about their children. Thanks to haiku, I have now triggered a small creative side that I did not know I had. I would very much like to continue writing and see if I can actually make an extracurricular activity out of it. Who knows, maybe I could make some money from it at some point.

Christmas morning
unwrapped presents
missing her

vacation cabin
birds singing
in the trees

strapless white gown
feet in sandals
summer “I do’s”


cold and numb
the children
warm their toes by the fire

six toes
instead of five
unconditional love


first fallen snow
fine and unpackable.
upset child


chewed up shoes
lying on the floor
puppy love

aggravated and stressed
Will this day ever end?

women in fuzzy slippers
pushing to get the bargains
Christmas shopping

the road is full of rage

mounds and mounds
it's never over

talk, talk, talk
can’t get any peace and quiet

children’s activities
all over town
empty gas tank.

Jenny Munro & Brooke Weemer



warm bed
soft covers

reading for pleasure
everything is a Haiku

cannot eat nor sleep
brain in overdrive
Haiku! Haiku! Haiku!

No one understands me
I only speak in Haiku

no one talking in sentences
conversations gone awry

I made a haiku
In my alphabet soup

Brooke Weemer

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